Monday, January 11, 2010

Everyone Writes

No big revelation that everyone writes. It's becoming more and more prevalent in our society with Facebook, Twittering and texting. Just as people once judged us by our spoken words, now they are judging us by our written words. Unfair, we may protest. But we all do it. Suppose you went to a doctor and he said: You got this here disease. We gonna put you on some medicine. It ain't gonna cure you but it'll help you some. Let me know if that there pharmacy got it cause I gone down there yesterday and they didn't have none." Brilliant doctor?? So if we write something such as: "Hi, their. Your looking good. I wished I looked that good to," how are we being judged? Of course, it's not just grammar that people use to judge us. They also judge by our tone. We may think we are teasing someone. The person may not see it that way. However, even if that person knows you are teasing, others reading what you've written may think you are being contentious. We all make mistakes and we need to cut others slack. Love always gives people the benefit of the doubt. And, as I said in an earlier post, very few, if any, fully know all the rules and exceptions in our English language. But we should all strive to be our best, especially as Christians. A comedian stated he wasn't even unilingual, much less bilingual. Perhaps we too are not fully unilingual. I for one want to be and hope others will help me along the way. So please let me know if I make mistakes, grammatically or with my tone. Someone recently corrected me on this: I lived through the 70's. Incorrect, I was told. It's suppose to be: I lived through the 70s. Or, if you're writing for publication: I lived through the seventies. That sentence explains a lot about me. :)

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