Saturday, January 9, 2010

This Is My Brain Continued

Hey, I know a lot of you may think that being forgetful, having senior moments, etc. is a normal part of aging. I agree. However, I think my problems were much more severe. I'll give you one example: When I still taught, I needed to change deductions that were being made to my check. I looked up the number to the school system. I looked up the city school system instead of the county school system for which I worked. Totally different names, different towns where each is located. The receptionist answered the phone, giving the school system's name. My brain did not register that this was not the school system for which I worked. When I was put through to the accounting department, the lady asked, "Are you sure you work for us?" Total humiliation. Do you suppose the people in the office were ROFL? :) What was wrong with my brain? I have a few theories. My father was in the army and we (my brothers and I) were exposed to several things. For example, a truck would come by spraying for mosquitoes and we would run after it in its fog. Another possibility, I was a science teacher and was exposed to a lot of chemicals that perhaps affected me. Thirdly, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in my early twenties. I was put on strong medications and maybe they led to my brain problems. It could have been a combination of the three. Who knows?? I had many other health problems but my nonfunctioning brain was by far my most difficult challenge. God has seen fit to return to me a portion of my brain. (How much is debatable.) With this second chance I hope to glorify Him to the best of my ability.

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