Friday, January 8, 2010

Writing Is Easy

English is like the Blob. Anyone see that movie? Steve McQueen is my favorite actor! (But I digress.) The Blob grows larger and larger, devouring all in its path. Trying to write the "right" way can devour you or at least leave you paralyzed with fear. If we as Christians are allowing the Blob to keep us from writing or teaching others, we need to figure out how to escape its clutches. Hold on. The Blob doesn't have clutches. . . . to escape its blobiness??? Writing is so easy. Doing it correctly is the hard part. I have been reading about writing for many, many years, and I'm still learning. I learned something new today. I was told to try to avoid "as." I think I understand why this is true. Many times it is used incorrectly. For example: As he ran to his house, he burst through the door screaming. This construction implies that he's running and bursting through the door at the same time. Impossible. But I would think that this would be okay: As he ran to his house, he got a catch in his side. Wouldn't it?? Some say not to use it like this: As the eagle soars, so does my heart. I suppose they would think this is better: The eagle soars like my heart. Yuck! That would really ruin one of my favorite hymns (also in Psalms): As the deer panteth for the water, so my soul longeth after thee. How could it be phrased more beautifully??? By the way, our tax system is like English grammar which is like the Blob. Unwieldy, not fully understandable and detested by many. The tax system is actually more Blob-like since it does actually devour people. Can anyone tell I'm dreading doing my taxes?

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