Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Or should I say, Not Writing. I have been feeling a little under the weather this week. I did start a post for Monday but did not finish it. I suppose I just have the blahs. And I’m also going through a time when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I suppose it’s not surprising. I did get very stressed over my mother being hospitalized and then trying to get her on the road to recovery. By the way, she’s back to her old self. I’ve had a few other stresses lately and my brain must be trying to take a rest. It’s not just writing my blog. I’m also not doing any new writing on my book—just editing.

Part of my problem of not writing is probably due to spring fever. This is the time of year to shake out the dust and cobwebs that have accumulated during the long cold winter; a time to put away the long johns; a time to move those aching, cracking joints; a time to get out into the warmth of the sun and enjoy nature. We put out two new bird feeders the other day and the birds have been descending on our yard. If I had the time and energy for another hobby, I would love to take up bird watching—to be one of those people with the binoculars around my neck and a bird guide in my hand, jotting down every time I see a red-headed woodpecker.

I am a nature lover, always have been. That’s the main reason I majored in biology. And speaking of biology, a series called Life has been coming on the Discovery channel. It’s amazing to see the great diversity of animals. How any sane person can attribute it to evolution is beyond my understanding. For instance, on the show about mammals, bats were said to be descended from a type of flying squirrel (as you probably know, flying squirrels only glide). Oprah is narrating the shows and she said from the ability to glide it was only a hop and a skip to bats flying. Oh, really? So, if you can build a glider, you just have to do a little “hop and skip” and you’ll be soaring the skies in your airplane. Not likely.

But if I ignore the evolutionary references and just focus on how amazing God’s creation is, I think the shows are great.

Alrighty then! Maybe I’ve discovered another reason for the “not writing.” Too much TV! For example, I’ve got sucked into watching American Idol. I know he’s definitely not the best, but wouldn’t it make a great story if Tim Urban won? A guy who replaced someone at the last minute in the original twenty-four; someone who is consistently in the bottom three; someone who somehow manages to hang on every week; someone who takes criticism with a smile—like a man Simon said tonight. What an inspiring story! Should inspire someone to write. :<) Hey, I don’t need to be too hard on myself. I have been consistently blogging for the last fourteen weeks. Isn’t it about time for a few days off? I think I’ll take Friday off also and start a new series next week. I hope you’ll look for it!

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