Truth in Your Eyes

I sat down this morning to write and my mind was blank. Surprising, eh? Actually it wasn’t blank. It’s too full at this moment. I’ve been looking over my Vacation Bible School material, trying to find my doctor’s appointment (I know it’s Wednesday, but I’ve forgotten the time), picking out pictures I want printed, doing laundry, figuring out what to cook for supper, getting a card ready to send, cleaning out my purse and thinking that I need to finish revising my book. Then when I took a minute to sit down to write this, I realized I had not prayed this morning. I’ve been too busy to squeeze God in. God comes first—always.

In Mark’s sermon yesterday he talked about how we change in marriages. But no matter how much we change, we are still to stay committed to one another. Hopefully, the change will be towards maturity, towards becoming more Christ-like. Change in my life has not always been forward. I stumble, but I think I’ve learned to pick myself up and keep going with Carl’s help. Since I’ve first met Carl, he has been the one I trust to always tell me the truth, the one I can always rely on to help me grow spiritually. Years ago, after my son was born by emergency c-section, I awoke in the recovery room. I immediately asked the nurse how the baby was doing. She said that the baby was fine. I didn’t believe her. I told her I wanted to see my husband, but she said he was not allowed in the recovery room. I began calling for Carl and the nurse relented and allowed him in. When he told me Ray was fine, I knew he spoke the truth. In the song, It Is You, the first stanza says:

There is something that I see

In the way you look at me

There’s a smile, there’s a truth in your eyes.

And that’s what I saw the day Ray was born and it’s what I still see today. The truth is always there—even the painful kind. But it’s always given with love.

Thank you, Carl.

And, yes, I took the time to pray before writing this. God can uncrowd minds and refill them. Thank you, God.

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