Monday, August 9, 2010

One Sheet

I’ve been working on the one sheet for Thundersnow off and on for several days (STOP IT, Sheila!). Someone is going to have to hide my computer from me to get me to stop. I’ve got to get back to revising the manuscript (START IT, Sheila!).

But rather a strange thing has been happening. As I’ve been working on the one sheet, the book has been changing before my eyes. For instance, I gave Sarah Jane the nickname “Jay” and I thought the father could call her “Blue Jay” because her eyes are the color of a blue jay. I’ve never envisioned her eyes as blue before. (My mother’s eyes are sky blue and this book is based on her life, but Sarah Jane is not my mother.) And I found a beautiful verse in Ezekiel I decided to put on the one sheet about a cedar tree. I’ll incorporate the verse somewhere in the book.

And it’s weird because I have a scene with a cedar tree at the very end of the book but had forgotten about it. It’s funny how things start coming together when you begin writing—whatever it is you’re writing, even the one sheet. I thought too of the verse in Mark 4 where Jesus says the mustard seed grows into a plant “with such big branches that the birds of the air can perch in its shade.”

My daughter-in-law, Leigh, helped me with the one sheet. (Thanks, Leigh!) I want the one sheet to be perfect, but I know nothing is ever perfect. (STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT PERFECT, Sheila!) But it’s been fun working on it. (STOP WORKING ON IT. YOU HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO, Sheila!) I shouldn’t be writing this post. (THEN STOP IT, Sheila!) I really need to work on the manuscript. (START IT, Sheila!) Something seems to be telling me to. Off to work!


  1. It is often funny how our ideas morphe and change over time, which just serves to add depth. So go with it! It's okay to spend more time on some things. In the end, I often find that other things just fall into place. But it all comes together.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! It is funny how God allows things to fall into place--as long as we do our part too. Appreciate your comment!


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