Wednesday, August 25, 2010

RT: Funny Pain (Oxymoron?)

  1. Notice how many TV shows are now some type of competition? I don’t watch many of them—mainly because I don’t want to HAVE to watch. And you HAVE to watch to see who gets booted off next. Survivor I have loved. I am a people watcher (I suppose all writers are or should be) and I love to see how the people interact. To me it’s more about the relationships instead of the competing. It’s also interesting to me to see how America reacts to the contestants. Sometimes not the way I think they will. But I think the physical competitions are becoming too dangerous, and the result could be someone getting hurt or killed. A couple of people have already had some close calls. It makes me nervous. That’s one reason I don’t like to watch football. In almost every game I’ve ever seen, someone gets hurt. If the challenges keep going in that direction, I will definitely quit watching Survivor. Pain is not fun for me to watch—most of the time.  
  2. Speaking of pain—an anonymous agent has a blog that’s hilarious. Excerpts from query letters are posted with snide comments from the agent. Funny for us who are not being made fun of. But what if I were to see something I had written on that blog—would I find it so funny then? Of course, no names are used. It reminds me of WipeOut. If you haven’t seen it, it’s basically people falling down after being hit by various objects. Funny to watch it happen to someone else—not so funny when it happens to us.
  3. I did laugh at my husband's pain, although I tried hard not to. He had a cramp in his leg and had the bright idea of lying down and letting me help stretch his leg out. But he then got a cramp in the other leg. He hobbled around the house screeching in pain for a good ten minutes. It was funny. (to me)
  4. One of the comments I read in response to the agent blog said we needed to learn to laugh at ourselves—otherwise, we’d blow our brains out. Yep, we don’t need to take ourselves too seriously. But we’re not merely laughing at ourselves. We’re making fun of others. Is that something we want to do?
  5. I watched Everybody Loves Raymond, but I refused to watch Home Improvement. Why, you might ask? Because ELR made fun of everyone—Ray, his wife, his mother, his mother-in-law, etc. HI made fun of the husband-father figure. His wife, in most episodes, was the sane, kind, intelligent one. If we’re going to make fun of people, let’s make it an equal opportunity sport.
  6. If we are more intelligent, better looking, athletic, etc. than someone else, does that give us the right to laugh at others? Can’t we nearly always find (I almost left out the word “nearly,” but I suppose there has to be someone in the world at the top of the heap) someone who is better than we are? So . . . . don't we need to practice the Golden Rule?
  7. Still, Carl hobbling, the agent’s blog and WipeOut were/are hilarious. Hopefully, the people involved are laughing along with me. Pain is sometimes fun for me to watch. (Does that make me a bad person?)

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