Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Favorite Vehicle

Front view of a 1949 Dodge pickup.

              This is a Dodge 1949 pickup truck.

This one is a 1953. I like it, but it’s not red!

I said the other day that I didn’t have a favorite car. Actually not true. I love antique trucks. I looked through hundreds of pictures and found that I specifically like Dodge trucks from the late 1940s or early 1950s. More specifically red trucks, bleeding rust, with a black running board and black tires. While researching, I saw some with white-rim tires and those I rejected. And, I don’t want the truck restored to shiny perfection. I want a farm truck that looks like a farm truck. Why so specific? I was born in 1953. I’m thinking one of my relatives must have had a similar truck and that memory is imbedded in my mind.

What does this preference for old trucks say about me? One thing it says is that I’m very detail oriented. I don’t like any type of antique truck but a very specific one. And I looked at hundreds of trucks online before finding the “right” one. I have a desire to be accurate (some call me a perfectionist).

Also I think this shows I’m nostalgic, longing for those early years of childhood when we visited my aunt and uncle on their farm. I’m a simple person and actually long for more simplicity. I would love to live in an old log house with original wide-planked wooden floors. Dark floors with worm-holes and scruff marks. And my living room would have log walls and a stone fireplace with two comfy chairs flanking it. My cat would be curled up on the hearth and my dogs on the braided rag rug between the chairs. I would have an ottoman to prop my feet on. The perfect season would be fall, cool enough for a fire, but not too cold. A basket of pinecones and stacked firewood would sit near the fireplace. The smell of burning leaves would seep through the windows, mingling with the rich pine scent of the burning wood. And, of course, I would have a book in my hands and a cup of coffee by my side.


So, what is the Sheila Hollinghead brand as a writer?

Simple, comforting, nostalgic, but also detail-oriented and a stickler for accuracy.

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