Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Thoughts

On Thursdays, I write in this blog whatever pops into my head. I don’t preplan—simply sit down and begin typing. I don’t know if anyone else finds these posts of interest, but I do. It’s interesting to me to see what pops out; sorta like being there to see Athena pop out of the skull of Zeus. So here goes today’s thoughts:

  • Our hummingbird population dwindles. At one point six or seven attacked each other for a chance to drink the sugared water. We placed the hummingbird feederimage right outside our bedroom window. Every morning we watch the feeding frenzy. I’ve found hummingbirds are vicious in their quest. I’m glad they’re small. Imagine one skydiving at your head!
  • The honey bees are now gone. The hummingbirds not only attacked each other, they also attacked the bees and vice-versa.
  • Finally cooler temperatures have arrived. Highs in the low 80s. Actually, for me I prefer the highs in the low 70s. But this is much better than our summer of endless days above 100 degrees.
  • I’ve had my nose to the grindstone and have been able to crank out @ 5000 words in two days. I’ve typed so much that my arm is aching. I had to prop my right arm on a pillow to continue typing.
  • That was irritating. Right in the middle of typing the above point, the computer decided to install new updates. Normally a warning is issued. This time the computer took it upon itself to configure updates and shut down in the middle of my typing. Who’s in control here?
  • Something I find of interest. I believe it was January of 1995 that I started writing the first draft of Thundersnow. We had gotten a Chihuahua puppy for Christmas who sat in my lap as I typed. Today as I’m typing out my final draft, we have a Chihuahua puppy (actually half Chihuahua). So it begins and ends with Chihuahua puppies. If it’s ever published, I’ll have to dedicate the book to T.C. and Shay.
  • Back to the grindstone. I’m planning to finish two chapters today, with God’s help!

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