Thursday, September 9, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • I see in the news Sarah Palin came out with a new word—refudiate. It looks as if she combined two words—refute and repudiate. The article mentions a few words that have recently been added to our vocabulary by fusing two words like Sarah Palin obviously did. One of those was guesstimation. I don’t know why, but I don’t like “guesstimation.” Why can’t someone say, “My best guess is that the world will end in 2012” instead of “I guesstimate the world will end in 2012”? My spell check likes guesstimate but not guesstimation. Ha!
  • Two asteroids flew by the earth Wednesday. Two in one day. I wonder how many times that happens?
  • I also see in the headlines, “Snooki Arrested.” Are you like me, wondering who in the world is Snooki?
  • Yeah, I’m getting old(er) and don’t keep up with all of these things. As most of us get older, we tend to relive our past. Carl and I watched John Wayne’s last movie the other night. I watched so many cowboy movies growing up that I tired of them. But I suppose I’m changing in my old(er) age and starting to like them again. In “The Shootist” John Wayne’s character finds out he has cancer and only a few weeks to live. When he made the movie, Wayne had already had a cancerous lung removed, but the doctors had declared him cancer free. image But after the movie, the cancer returned and he died a few years later. I read the Wikipedia entry and it said John Wayne changed the last scene of the movie. The original ending implied the young man (played by Ron Howard) became a gunslinger. The final film’s version has Howard’s character throwing the gun away and Wayne’s character giving a nod of approval. A much more satisfying ending, don’t you think?
  • Snooki or John Wayne? I think I’ll stick with The Duke. I guesstimate most of my friends will agree. Anyone care to refudiate that?


  1. You have to watch MTV to know who Snooki is. Jersey Shore?

  2. Well, yeah, I don't watch MTV. Who would have guessed? :)


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