Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Writing Life Wednesday (1)

When I look at pictures on Facebook, I always study the background--the furniture, the house, the pets--whatever is lurking back there. Perhaps I have an abnormal interest in things like that, or maybe it’s a normal thing for writers. So, if anyone else is interested in such things, here’s my work space.

036When I first really committed to writing, my husband, Carl, gave me this. One day it may be true. I have it on my desk, of course!



My desk. On the right is the manuscript for Thundersnow, the original I wrote back in 1995.039

And this is the continuation of the desk. I have my sons’ senior pictures on the shelves.040

The picture below is my bookcase that holds mainly religious books. I do have The Annotated Sherlock Holmes, yearbooks and The Complete Garden Guide on the top shelf. I had to empty the bottom shelf because my puppy, Shay, kept chewing on the books. 


This is the bulletin board behind my desk. I did have it filled with timelines, characters, etc. for Moonbow, but, after my grandson,Trace, was born, I took down everything I thought he could reach. Because . . .


. . .his crib he uses when he visits is next to it. He’s sixteen months old now.  042 I made these when my sons were toddlers. Kind of falling apart now, but I like to look at them.043 My father died in 1979 and this reminds me of him. Fishing was his passion and he said this looked like the perfect fishing hole.

044And this says it all.             045 If we never begin, we will never be able to say:

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7

And now to work!

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