Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friday’s Forecast: The Beatles

Some final thoughts:
  • Synergy is king! The sum of two people (as in the case of John and Paul) working together increases indefinitely.A partner who supports, challenges and competes will allow you to become much more than you could ever be on your own.
  • Even people who have “made it” still have doubts. Doubts are a normal part of living and writing. We must say: Get thee behind me, Satan!
  • As our world crumbles (in this case, the break up of the Beatles), we have a choice. We can choose to continue on or simply give up. Both John Lennon and Paul McCartney brought us great music after their world collapsed.
  • When first starting out, the Beatles played in Hamburg, Germany for over 10,000 hours. Success does not come easily even for the talented. Some estimate that a person needs to write one million words before they began to produce good quality work. There are rare exceptions, but talent is not a substitute for hard work.
  • We should never compare ourselves to others. John Lennon was often jealous of McCartney’s success, wondering why his songs were more popular. Yet, today, most people believe Lennon was more talented. Commercial success does not equate to long-term success.
  • Without the help of their manager, the Beatles would not have basked in such adulation. To their credit, they listened. Brian Epstein advised them to wear suits and to act professionally, i.e. polite such as when they bowed at the end of their performance. It would behoove (don’t you love that word!) us to listen when others offer advice, even if we perceive that advice as criticism. Sometimes, especially if we perceive it as criticism. 
  • Take one step at a time. I loved Lennon’s quote: “The goal was always just a few yards ahead.” For me that might mean simply finishing one chapter or even one scene. Small steps lead to great strides.
  • For the past forty years or so I have not listened to the Beatles. Now I am rediscovering their music. I guess it’s true as we age we enter into our second childhood!
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  1. You've made some very good points. Good article.

  2. I never cared for the Beatles--I was a big Elvis fan. :) But your take on them was interesting. Lennon was a crackpot!

  3. Thanks James and Rachel for taking the time to comment! Lennon did have his quirks but I do believe he was a great songwriter!


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