Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friday’s Forecasts: Life-Changing Books

  • 001 I have to say that every book I read as a child was a life-changing book. Each one taught me about people, places, new words, emotions, or morals.
  • I loved reading, but my mother didn’t and tried to stop me whenever possible. Probably she did the opposite of what she set out to achieve. Just as when a parent forbids their child to see a friend, it makes that friend all the more tantalizing. More than likely, my mother helped cultivate the love of reading in me.
  • It always amazes me how many people have written books and how many people want to write books. What is in us that wants to share our words with others? A need to be understood? A need for praise and glory? (Which comes to very few writers.) A need to work through problems by writing of them? A wish to share our legacy with our children and grandchildren?
  • Speaking of which, I have seen two movies in the past few weeks that had as their theme the breakdown of society if we no longer had children. I would hope we would have enough faith in God that if that ever happened, we would still be able to carry on as civilized people. In one of the movies one of the characters said, “It’s sad to think no more books will ever be written.”
  • I think some people have a difficult time understanding the words of Solomon: There’s nothing new under the sun.
  • Think of books, or movies, if you prefer, about aliens. Is it possible to come up with any image that has never been seen before? Many authors get their ideas for such creatures from looking at God’s creation. As we (writers) create, we are only copying the Great Creator!006
  • One thing I have not mentioned this week is the influence of poetry upon me. Edna St. Vincent Millay and Emily Dickinson are two of my favorite poets. It’s too bad that poets quit writing for the masses and made their poetry so obscure that it’s difficult to enjoy.
  • And I do write poetry. Someone asked me why I don’t write more. The answer is: Because it’s very difficult. To me blogging is easy. Writing a short story is a little more difficult. Writing a book is very difficult. Writing poetry is almost impossible. (Good poetry, that is.)
  • Two books I found lyrical, almost like reading poetry, were Green Mansions, a book that I pulled out of that treasure trove on the first floor of that house in France, and The Yearling.
  • As I said before, writers are simply reflecting God just as the moon reflects the glory of the sun. And the moon will never be able to outshine the sun!

Next Week: Thankfulness!

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