Harry Potter—Christian Books?

I approach the topic of Harry Potter with some trepidation. A couple of years ago I was with a group of Christian friends and mentioned a quote from one of the Harry Potter books. I got my eyebrows singed from the blast of outrage. How could I read that trash? Didn’t I know J.K. Rowling was leading our children into Satan worship? Didn’t I realize she was using her books to drum up more witches for Satan?

After moving back a few feet and scanning the area for cover, I asked this question:

“What makes the Harry Potter books different from The Lord of the Rings? Was Gandalf not a wizard? Was Saruman not an evil wizard? What’s different about Harry and his lot?”

I don’t remember the reply since my mind is a sieve and the chaff gets blown away. I know “they” sought to justify Lord of the Rings as Christian literature. And it is. But I also believe the Harry Potter books can be classified as Christian literature (and, of course, that’s up to Rowling and her publisher).

How can I make such a statement? I am definitely not an expert on Harry Potter, but I have read all of the books at least once. Some of them three or four times. I believe they can be considered Christian allegory, as much as, or perhaps more than, The Lord of the Rings and here are just a few of the reasons:

  • This is a classic story of evil versus good.
  • Lord Voldemort and the Slytherins are associated with a snake. Sound familiar?
  • Harry is prophesied to be the Chosen One.
  • Voldemort, who represents the devil, rebels against Dumbledore, who represents God. Rebellion, hmm . . . . sound familiar?
  • Dumbledore’s “son,” Harry (and I know he is not his real son, but Dumbledore takes him under his wing), is the one chosen to defeat Voldemort.
  • Harry represents Jesus, growing up in humble circumstances, just as Jesus did.
  • Like Jesus, he has times of great popularity and times when the masses turn against him.
  • The Deatheaters use the Crucio curse on Harry. Crucio is a Latin word meaning “I torture,” and it’s the word from which we derive our word “cross.” Need I say more?

This is from my brain and I’m not J.K. Rowling. I have not read articles or books with any of this information and you are welcome to dispute my conclusions. I’m not positive that this is what she had in mind when she wrote the Harry Potter books, but this makes sense to me.

Any thoughts? Agree, disagree? Wish to singe my eyebrows? All comments are welcome!

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