Monday, December 27, 2010

The Joy of the Kindle

Those who are my friends on Facebook know I received a Kindle and a Nook for Christmas. My husband Carl is using the Nook and I’m using the Kindle.

I love the Kindle. And that comes as a shock to me. I’m a lover of books, especially the leather-bound ones,—not just the reading of them, but their beauty, and their feel when I hold them in my hands.

And I’ll always be a collector of hard-backed books and have them lining my book shelves. I’ve always wanted an English library with dark mahogany wood shelves lined with books, and with leather wing-backed chairs and a round table adorned with an antique globe. And of course a heavy mahogany desk with a leather chair. image

So, yes, I wanted a Kindle. It does hold 3500 books at a time. My house has always been overcrowded with books since I don’t have that English library in my home. So I thought I would like it, if only to cut down on the clutter. It shocked me how much I love it.

It is an absolute joy to read. My eyesight, as I’ve mentioned before, is deteriorating. The Kindle is much easier to read than any book I own.

Beyond that, it is so light and thin. It feels right in my hands. And it’s so easy to begin using. Hundreds (maybe thousands, perhaps millions?) of free ebooks are available. It takes less than a minute to download a book.

The Nook is pretty cool too. I haven’t checked out all of its features. It’s also easy to read, but is slightly larger, heavier, and thicker than the Kindle.

Okay, Amazon, where’s the money for my endorsement???

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