Tuesday, January 25, 2011


image  My brain is strange. Some things I’ll remember for years. Other things I can’t remember for five minutes.

My husband Carl and I watch a series on TV. I won’t mention the name. In this TV series, the main character is brilliant, very single-minded, and hard working in certain areas. In other areas, this character is forgetful, messy, and lazy. I’m far from brilliant, yet there are things my brain retains that often surprises me. And things I forget, even more surprising. Much like the character.

For example, the things most people know, I have no clue about. I never know the price of items in the grocery store, never know what’s on sale, never know which stores have the best bargains. Furthermore, I have trouble remembering the make of my own car, much less anyone else’s. I don’t know the cost of a gallon of gas. I have trouble turning on the gas fire in our fireplace. (I always turn the pilot light off. If I were Carl, I would have popped me upside the head by now. It’s difficult to relight—something else I can’t do. Sometimes, I think, he actually gets a kick out of it. Well, maybe not.)

I also have trouble with directions. One time I said, “What a beautiful sunset!” Two problems with that statement. It was the moon rising and not the sun setting. And I was pointing to the east, not the west. I am directionally challenged.

In other words, I am lost in some areas of life.

Sometimes, well, perhaps often, I get lost in my writing. I forget people’s names (and I named them!). I forget if they have blue eyes or brown eyes. I forget where they are at (and, yes, I put them there).

That’s why I’ve put up a big bulletin board in my study. When I write my next book, I’m going to have all these things written down.

Now, let me tell you something. If I ever get a book published, I’m going to have to promote it. Do you suppose I will get lost doing that?

Perhaps if I just get a little push in the right direction . . . . *sigh* Never mind.

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