Have the Right to Be King

A lion and a tiger were drinking beside a river when the lion let out a huge roar. The tiger said, "Why do you roar like a fool?" 
"That's not foolish," said the lion, with a twinkle in his eyes. "They call me king of all the beasts because I advertise." Untitled
A rabbit heard them talking and ran home. He thought he'd try the lion's plan, but his roar was just a squeak. A fox came to investigate and ate the rabbit for lunch. fox The moral of the story: When you advertise, be sure you've got the goods and can deliver them. (from a friend’s Facebook status)
I read this and thought how aptly this ties to writing. A writer can get out there all day long, pushing their book, giving away bookmarks, pencils, etc., but unless they deliver the goods, the book is not going to sell.
Well, sure, if you push it enough it will sell a few copies. But it’s not going to be a bestseller.
I think as writers we need to spend more time on producing good quality writing instead of promotion. When we get that right, when we have “the goods,” then we can roar.
If we’re like the poor rabbit, critics will eat us alive.
Short post today. I need to get some sleep. I’m to have two MRIs tomorrow, back and brain. And have a dear friend’s funeral to attend.
Appreciate all prayers!

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