Not So Patiently Waiting

I am not always patient. When I become restless, I think of Abraham and Sarah who tried to help God and created a mess.image
That’s often what I do. It’s been fifteen years since I finished writing my book. I queried agents and publishers until finally I wearied and put it away.

Sarah and Abraham were childless. They longed to hold a baby in their arms just as I long to hold my book in my hands. Years passed, in their case and mine.
And then they had renewed hope, as have I.
My manuscript is making the rounds.
But Abraham and Sarah couldn’t wait for God’s timing. After waiting so many years, they pushed through their own plan and Ishmael was conceived.
I need to learn from their mistake. I need to be still and wait for God. Fifteen years. What’s another year?
God has his own plan. His ways are not my ways.
This reminds me of a story I once read. A rumor began that the world was going to be destroyed. For those who gathered in an abandoned building, salvation would come. A man joined a few others who believed the rumors. He sat on a bench and waited. And waited.
And, disillusioned, he walked out. As he did, the entire building was beamed aboard a spaceship. He was left as the world began to crumble around him.
Salvation was seconds away. Isaac’s conception a few short years away.
The publication of my book is just a few more ???? away.

If I just remain patient. And wait for God’s guidance.
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