Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Worlds Shaken

Worlds Shaken

by Sheila Odom Hollinghead

The world shook, their world,
And mine.

Waves washed over lives, their lives,
And mine.

Smiles faded from faces, their faces,
And mine.

Cores melted deep within, their cores,
And mine.

Hands lifted in surrender, their hands,
And mine.

The world broke in minutes, their world,
And mine.

Their cores melt still.

Arms forever unmovable,

Raised in surrender.

Bodies forever broken,

Washed to the shore.

Their world shakes still.

My waves wash over me;

I throw my arms up in surrender

To he who mends broken lives.

The unshakable solidifies

my faith; my core

steadies and

hands clasp, to steady theirs.

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