Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chandler Brooks: Wasn’t That a Kick?

Auburn struggled in the first football game of the season against Utah State. Later, I was watching one of those post-game television shows. Actually, my husband and son were watching it, and my eyes were glazed over. Not only do they have to watch the football games, they also have to watch shows about the football games.

kickerNevertheless, a segment came on about one of the kickers, Chandler Brooks, that piqued my interest. Brooks said he has practiced the onside kick for the past three years. Three years!  This was his first opportunity to execute the kick during a game.

And his work paid off. Against Utah State, his onside kick helped Auburn come from behind to win.

Brooks didn’t fret or quit the team because he didn’t get the chance to play for the past three years. He simply went to work to be the best onside kicker he could be and carved out a niche for himself. A niche that helped lead his team to victory.

As Christians we can learn a lesson from this. We may not be the best Sunday School teacher, or the best at writing, or the best scholar. Yet we can carve out our own niche and work hard within it.

We need to take inventory and find one small thing we can improve, something to help us in our service to God. Think of Dorcas. Acts 9:39 says: All the widows stood beside him weeping and showing tunics and other garments that Dorcas made while she was with them.

Dorcas didn’t have to be great at all things or many things to be remembered. She was remembered for her tunic-making skills, something some might find insignificant. Not so to her friends.

Nothing is insignificant when used for God’s glory.

Sharing of the tunics helped strengthen the bond between Dorcas and the other women. And isn’t it possible sharing tunics with others could have led someone to Christ?

Our victory may not come today or tomorrow. And we may wonder why we even bother honing our skill. But one day we may be called upon to execute that which we have so diligently practiced.

victoryAnd that may lead others to ultimate victory!

Wouldn’t that be a kick?


  1. War Eagle!

  2. I'm just short of a decade tardy, but just wanted you to know the one you wrote about is my son. We were always so proud of him for his sticktoitiveness. Thanks for noticing. (That was his one and only time on the playing field, and boy was it a doozie!) War Eagle!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by! That was such a cool story!


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