Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Thing I Learned From the ACFW Conference, 2011

I wrote a blog post last year in which I mentioned I ate lunch with Carol Johnson (along with some others). I didn’t mean to. I was looking for a place of refuge and didn’t notice who was sitting at the table. What a great experience!

This year I sat down for the first breakfast of the conference. Guess who was seated at the table? Carol Johnson.

She noticed me before I noticed her.

“Don't I know you?” she asked.

I reminded her of the dinner we had with James Scott Bell, Tim Downs, and Dan Walsh, among others.

Her eyes lit up. She asked about my work and gave me some advice.

I’m struggling for the words to describe our meeting. Soothing, calming, encouraging, warm, and inspiring all come to mind.

She is such a gracious lady.

Definitions of gracious:

1. Characterized by kindness and warm courtesy.

2. Characterized by tact and propriety

3. Of a merciful or compassionate nature.

4. Characterized by charm or beauty; graceful.

5. Characterized by elegance and good taste. (

All true of Carol Johnson.

One thing I learned at the ACFW Conference this year? Be gracious.
A lesson for all.


  1. I didn't even know she came to the conferences! How wonderful for you to have met her twice. First-hand advice! So jealous!

    Can't wait for 2012 in Dallas!!!

  2. Yes, she received the Lifetime Achievement Award last year. This year she was there as a consultant.

    I hope to see her next year--we're such old friends now. ;)

    And can't wait to see you. I just saw Michael Hyatt is to be the Keynote Speaker!


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