Monday, October 3, 2011

Interruptions and Writer’s Block

Things are not going as planned. Do they ever? God’s ways are not our ways. I’m taking deep breaths, soothing breaths, and enjoying the sun—for what are small disturbances compared to the mightiness of God? sand

And, yes, they are small, very minor, problems that still have me irritable, like grains of sand in my shoe. Enough to chafe and irritate. Yet, it is in how we handle the small things that help develop character. We can allow such things to take on dramatic proportions, and, swatting at gnats, swallow a camel.

We must stop at times and empty our shoes of the grains of sand. Stop and be thankful our shoes are not filled with shards of glass.

To be more to the point—I have squandered away a week. Oh, sure, I did accomplish some things. One thing I accomplished was learning why I have accomplished so little. As a writer, I have been mentally blocked since the ACFW Conference. I spent two full days figuring out why.

At the conference I discovered the enormity of the three-book series I am writing. Two taboo subjects for publishers of Christian fiction I was told.

And, I was also told I had a story line good enough to be, well, . . . something. The questions I had, the things blocking my writing, were—1. Am I a good enough writer to tell the story? 2. Am I a fearless enough writer to tell the story, unafraid of possibly offending some? And, lastly, 3. Am I pleasing God by telling this story?

I sorted through these questions and have put my indecision, my mental blocks, behind. Four days ago I decided to simply do my best and leave the rest to God. Not everyone will like the story and that’s okay. I need only please God and myself.

However, since that decision, for the past three days, I’ve had one interruption after another—the grains of sand in my shoes.

Now to shake my shoes to rid them of the grains of sand. And take the deep breaths to calm my soul, so I may have the clarity of thought to proceed.

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