11-11-11 Random Thoughts

Today is 11-11-11. How cool is that?

Numbers have significance in the Bible. For example, there were twelve tribes of Israel and twelve apostles. The Israelites wandered in the desert for forty years. Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days before his temptation by Satan.

I wondered if the number eleven had any significance. This is what I found:

ELEVEN: disorder: 10 + 1 or 12 – 1; also disorganization, unfulfillment, imperfection.

  • At Kadesh-Barnea the Children of Israel traveled 11 days from Mt. Sinai.  In one more day they could have been in the Holy Land but their faith failed them.
  • The last two Kings of Judah each reigned 11 years before the Babylonian conquest of Judah.

This has turned into a different blog post than I originally started to write. I’m off and running down a rabbit trail.

Instead, I was going to talk about the time-gulping, mind-numbing, headache-inducing everyday things we have to deal with. Specifically, I was going to talk about computer problems. Just one example—I keep getting a message: Catalyst Control Center is not working. I tried different things, and it still shouts in my face every time I start the computer. *Sigh.*

Not long ago I wrote a post dealing with always being professional and positive. No complaining—even about computers. Today, I’m being unprofessional and negative.

A little bit of explanation. I have just spent two hours deleting and uninstalling and reinstalling. Catalyst Control Center is still mocking me.

These things are meant to teach us patience.

This morning I set a goal of 10000 words today. Others can do it, why can’t I? Because I get distracted seeing the Catalyst Control Center box.

Focus, Sheila, focus.

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