I Can't Believe . . .

I'm giving myself a few minutes this morning to write my blog post although I am so far behind on NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) right now. My laptop crashed. I had written around 800 words on the morning of the crash. I really didn't lose much--it could have been much worse. And then I was without a computer for a day or so.

I can't believe that not only did my laptop crash, but the desktop did also. What are the odds of our two computers crashing on the same day? I restored the laptop, but the desktop seems to be beyond repair. I bought a new one, and my husband and I are trying to install needed software.

I can't believe installing software can be so difficult.

I can't believe customer support is so unhelpful (I don't know why I find that one hard to believe).

I can't believe I am three or four days behind on NaNo after finally catching up.

Five More Things I Can't Believe:

I can't believe Leroy Bell (on The X-Factor) is sixty years old. That guy's found the fountain of youth!

I can't believe Ozzie (on Survivor) is still going strong.

On a related note, I can't believe "Coach" is behaving like a relatively normal person.

I can't believe Terra Nova, with dinosaurs running around, is so boring.

I can't believe the Duggars are expecting another child.

I can believe I will catch up today. I believe, I believe, I believe . . .

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