Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nine Book Covers

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          I have been working on book covers. When I counted the number I had saved, it came out to nine. So . . . I decided to share my nine book covers. If you find these mind-numbing boring, please feel free to skip. 

          Still here? Here's the story. A few weeks ago, I decided I would self publish my young adult novel. Many writers who self publish hire someone to do their book covers. However, I like to try new things. I decided I would do it myself. Following is part of my process.


My first attempt was not an attempt at an actual book cover. I wanted something to use in the book trailer I made. I thought I would adapt this later on for my book. I rejected it for several reasons. The main reason was because I didn't like the font. I moved on to this:


I started rethinking my choice of this blue cedar tree. I thought it was cool to begin with. I learned a process to make a picture look like snow was on the ground. The problem, I found this too "cool." The colors, the blue and white, convey a coolness, plus I don't think the cedar tree gives a sense of the story. On to my third try.


I like this one! But again cool blue colors. I searched for a picture of a teenage girl. Almost all of them wore heavy makeup. My heroine, living during the Great Depression, definitely did not wear makeup. I found one picture but had to cut off the side of her head since she wore several pairs of earrings. As someone said, she looks like an Eskimo. On to my next try.


Again, I'm using the same picture of the girl. This book cover came from a template on CreateSpace. Several told me the title and my name were too small and would be unreadable in the thumbnail. On to another try.


I liked this one, at first. The girl was supposed to be looking out a window. Most people said she was in a "box" and complained because the bluebird was lost in the clouds. Okay, I agree. And the winner is:


Since I could not find a picture I liked, I decided to take my own. I made a visit to my cousin's house. She has an old barn, and I had my granddaughter pose inside the barn. I still had my bluebird picture and I wanted it added to the picture I had taken. My son did some photo-editing of the two pictures, and I love it! This one I decided was a keeper. I love looking at it (maybe because it's my granddaughter?). There's more variety of color. The title and my name are fairly large. But now I had to do the backcover.


I liked the picture but felt it was too dark. The blurb needed more work.


This is better, I think, although I'm not sure if anyone would know that's a cedar tree. And I didn't like the way it looked with the front cover. One more try.

Back to my original cedar tree. I'm not sure, again, if anyone can tell that this is a cedar tree. And I'm still not sure about the blurb. Okay, may be a few more tries before I make a definite decision. *Sigh.*

Bonus video: 

I redid my book trailer, using the book cover I have finally chosen. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. What a fun post this is, Sheila! Loved watching the process. Love the one you selected! Loved the clever incorporation of "nine" to the theme.

  2. Like the cover. Putting your granddaughter's picture on it will give her something special to show to her grendkids. :o) Enjoyed the trailer, too! Peace and Blessings

  3. The cover is perfect. This sounds like a book I'd like to read to my granddaughter someday.

  4. Nice take on this month's theme. It's always interesting to see the thought process behind cover art, contents, etc. Too often we only see the final product without realizing all the effort that it took to get to that point.

    About the thumbnail-size version of a cover...a quick way to check is to preview it in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (or the image editing program of your choice) and then reduce the size to a thumbnail.

  5. wow what a brilliant nine post
    just one complaint....and I realise I didn't look that hard....but I cannot see a skipping rope any where so i could not skip.

    biiiig hug


  6. Excellent Sheila, it's very cool how The 9's are working out this month. Loved your thought process, thanks for sharing!

  7. I was totally engaged by your post. It was fun to see the process and read the 'whys' of why you rejected one potential cover over another. In the end, I like the one you chose the best.

  8. Very interesting to see your thought process on a cover. IS this really the last choice or will you make just one more change? I know you want it to convey a certain feeling to make it right. Best of luck on the book.

  9. Great post, Sheila! I enjoyed your take on the topic and the glimpse into your cover art design process.

  10. Thanks, guys, for stopping by. Appreciate all the comments. Yes, Christine, I'm almost positive this is my last bookcover.

    Jack B., I'm sorry I forgot the jump rope. Where did I put it now?

  11. I absolutely loved this, Sheila. It was a wonderful idea in conjunction with the theme for the month. I often flirt with graphic design work for fun. Everyone gets to see the end result . . . but they never get to see the journey it took to get there. I was enthralled by the evolutionary journey of your book cover--and I agree that the final product was worth all the work!

  12. That was great seeing how you built everything! Very engaging!

  13. Thanks for letting us follow your process. Not everyone can drop their first ideas for the chance of a better one -well done.

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  15. Loved the glimpse into this small piece of your process of self-publishing! Will be checking back to see the final product ready for sale! :)

  16. Glad y'all enjoyed it!

    Keith, that's where my perfectionist tendencies kick in. But I have to come to a point when I say "good enough."

    Although, like I said, I love this one. I think it's perfect!

  17. Very interesting to watch the progression of the concept.

    CH Dyer


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