Friday, December 9, 2011

Self Publishing

The folks over at ciaindie, a website for Christian self publishers, have been so helpful!

They demonstrate the principles we are taught by the Bible. Those principles of being encouragers and serving others.

Right now, I feel like a taker. And, I am! I’m taking advice and words of encouragement.

I’m working through some formatting issues with their help. And some issues with the writing itself.

I likened it to walking around with toilet paper stuck on your shoe all day, and no one tells you.

So, right now I have some toilet paper issues. One of the members told me to take the toilet paper and make confetti. And, on the day of publication, rain down the confetti.

And that I plan to do. Soon. Very soon.

By the way, I finalized the cover—I think! This is it:


Coming very soon!







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