Tuesday, December 6, 2011

There Is No Tab Key!

One thing I’ve learned this week is to never use the Tab key. Never, ever tab over. CreateSpace does not like the tabbing.

Take a screwdriver and remove your Tab Key. ***** WARNING! Joking, people! Don’t do that! *******

Okay, wish I had known not to use the tab key before I started writing this book.

I had to do a search through my manuscript and find every time I tabbed.

In case you’re like me and wondering how to do it without losing your mind, this might help.  Choose “Search and Replace.” In the “Search” field, type ^t. Leave the “Replace” field blank. And then choose Replace All.

That removes all your tabs. Supposedly.

I should mention I use Microsoft Word 2007.

My next step was to remove all paragraph formatting so that I could start with a clean slate.

I went to Page Layout –> Paragraph and clicked the tiny arrow in the lower right corner. The one that blends in so well that it took me a while to find. I rolled everything back to zero. In the “Special” menu, I chose “First Line” and rolled it to zero also.

I made sure these settings were applied to my entire manuscript. I then saved, closed, and reopened my manuscript to be sure all the spacing for the first lines of paragraphs had been removed.

Next, I went back to Page Layout –> Paragraph –> Tiny Little Arrow Microsoft Doesn’t Want You to Find. This time, by “Alignment” I chose “Justified.” Then I clicked on the drop-down menu for “Special” and chose “First Line.”

For my manuscript, I went with Indent 0.3. You may choose whatever you see fit. For professional purposes, there is some type of system. As you undoubtedly know, Googling  “paragraph indentation for published books” will bring up articles to read.

Great fun! 

Where did I put the copy of my Serenity Prayer?

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