Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Eternal Springs


It was much more difficult to put my blog posts together into a book than I anticipated. I ran into a few snags—including my forgetful brain. I rushed to get it out in e-book form before the new year started. Because of the rush job, I’ve found many typos, and that I’ve repeated a couple of entries.

There may be more. As I’ve said, I’m easily confused.

I uploaded a new version and plan to probably upload a third version tonight or tomorrow. In a few weeks, after I’ve had a chance to check it more carefully, I’ll upload the final version (if anything is ever final!). If you would like the new version, visit here: Eternal Springs.

Thanks for understanding.

I thought I’d share a few pictures of the people and things I wrote about in Eternal Springs.



My beautiful grandkids are pictured here. J. C. is the one who, at the age of three, said I wasn’t really fat. (Thanks, J.C.!) The fellow in the middle is a miniature version of my husband. And, of course, that’s my sweet granddaughter who saw the tiny “flowers” in our lawn.


My husband, Carl, is holding the “evil” companion that led Satchel astray.


This is a picture of my father as a young man.


A picture Carl took of the chickens inside one of our chicken houses.


Pico shown here drinking the clear water. No stale water for her!


This is K.C., the sweet dog who becomes Cujo.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to download Eternal Springs, here are the links: Eternal Springs at Smashwords and Eternal Springs at Amazon.



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