Sometimes I think I’ve got this surrendering thing down. Then, something comes along that proves I have a ways to go.

This time it was my book signing. Apprehension set in. I’m a “Plan your work, work your plan” type and wanted all to be perfect.

Questions plagued me.

What if no one shows up? What if everyone shows up? How many books do I need? Do I need to order more? Should I provide refreshments? Who would help? What if we have too little? What if we have too much?

And then physical problems developed.

I’m exhausted. My back hurts. I feel too sick and weak to do this.

The week of the book signing arrived. Did God provide more energy? Did he remove my pain, relieve my worries?

Well, no. At least, not in a way we mere humans view things. He actually took away what little energy I had.

Wednesday, I developed a sore throat. Thursday, I had difficulty swallowing. Friday, I searched for a doctor and found I had strep.

I was too sick to care if I had enough books for my book signing on Saturday. I was too sick to care if anyone showed up or not. I was too sick to know if my back still hurt.

And, so, in a weird way, he did relieve my worries and take my mind off my pain.

When Saturday morning dawned, I felt somewhat better. The doctor told me I was not contagious and could continue with the book signing.

However, God wasn’t done yet.

Storms moved in and the county was placed under a tornado watch.

With thunderstorms around, many people would stay home. I no longer had to worry about too many people showing up. One more worry vanquished.

Now, I only had to worry if anyone would show up! However, with so many things beyond my control, I simply yielded to God on this one.

As I should have done all along with all my fears and concerns.

And God had my back. People did show up. Friends, family, and even a stranger or two braved the weather.

To me, the book signing was perfect. book signing

A large crowd did not overwhelm me.

A small crowd did not discourage me.

When I became too sick to carry the burden, God carried it for me. He made me raise my hands in surrender so that he could cradle me in his.

When I surrender all, he provides all.

A perfect plan. A perfect day. A perfect first book signing!

And all I had to do was surrender.

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