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Monday, March 19, 2012

Social Networks? Or, Nothing but Hype?

Life is a series of stripping away.

What do I mean by that? An article I recently read dealt with the things people say on their death beds.

Does it surprise us that people speak of family and friends? Does it surprise us that regrets always deal with people?

God allows events to strip away all  of the outer layers to get to the core of the essential.

If we allow him to do so. Hopefully, we allow it before we are lying on our death beds.

God is first in our lives, of course. Next are the people.

Strip away pride, hurt, humiliation, anger, self consciousness, and, especially, an unforgiving spirit. In other words, get self out of the way. Concentrate on others. Talk to others. Socialize with others.

So, your dad forgot your birthday? So, your best friend hasn’t responded to your emails? So, your child tracked mud into the kitchen?

Strip away all the inessentials and let’s tell our parents, our friends, our children, and anyone else in our lives how much they mean to us.

Our lives are so crowded with stuff that it’s hard to see the people. I just spent a frustrating fifteen minutes on Twitter this morning.

You see, I wanted to have a conversation with someone, anyone. I scrolled and scrolled, searching for something, anything, someone said that I could reply to. Nope, it was all about BUY MY BOOK or READ MY BLOG.

Let me tell you, I would be more likely to buy your book if I knew a little more about you. And, if I thought you cared a little about me.

This has occurred on Facebook also. Once upon a time, it was a way to keep updated on friends and families. Now, it’s a barrage of cat pictures or other posters and, again, the hype—BUY MY BOOK; READ MY BLOG. computerscreen

Are Facebook and Twitter social networks? Social means pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations.

Let me ask a question—Can we just talk, people? Just talk? At least three out of four status updates or tweets. Just talk to one another.

If you do that, when you do throw out the occasionally pitch for your book, it will make me more likely to buy your book .

And, one day, you will not say on your deathbed—if only I had spent more time with my friends.


  1. I agree whole heatedly Sheila.I've unfollowed some people who only hawk their or someone else's book, blog, etc. But then, all the blogs about social networking tell you to post a lot and mention your book.

  2. I agree we should post. However, we need to post about other things. And, it's okay to mention your book (how else are people going to know?). We just need to be careful that we post on other things too.

    Thanks, Sophie, for stopping by!

  3. Yes, it is all about relationships. I like to know what others are thinking and doing. I don't tweet as often as I should, but if I don't have anything interesting to say, then I keep quiet. Still enjoy both sites. Glad to see you there, Sheila!

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  5. And glad to see you, Marie! Relationships--definitely what it's all about.


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