Thursday, April 5, 2012

Christian Symbolism in the Hunger Games?


As I mentioned the other day, my blog posts are mainly going to be written quickly (by the seat of my pants). So, this is just a quick summation of some things that stood out to me after reading the book.

First, the name “Peeta.” Right off the bat, I thought of the apostle Peter. And, isn’t it significant he is a baker’s son who offers her bread? Of course, we know Christ is the bread of life. Katniss even call Peeta “a rock” at one point.

Furthermore, could “Peeta” not actually symbolize Christ? He lay at death’s door in the cave for how many days? Yes, three.

And, then, what’s up with the “pearl”? Instead of coal being transformed into a diamond, it is said to be transformed into a “pearl.” Pearls are symbolic of the treasure of God’s word.

The most obvious “Christian” symbolism is how the materialistic world changes people into thrill seekers without compassion.

Hence the title—Hunger Games. There is of course the obvious—the winners will not have to worry about hunger nor will their families. How about a deeper meaning? The people in the richest districts hungering for more and more thrills while watching the games. The hunger of the president for more power that he wields by controlling the country’s “appetites”—for actual food in the poorer districts and for entertainment in the richer districts.

Are the rich hungering to fill the void in their lives by substituting emphases on physical appearances, romance, clothes, entertainment, and, yes, even food? Instead of on God who is the only one who can fill that void?

Of course, this may not have been what Suzanne Collins had in mind when writing the story. As I have said many times, that is neither here nor there. What the author has in mind is not of importance. What the reader takes from the story is the reason we read. And, in most cases, it is much more than to be simply entertained.

If entertainment is our only reason for reading, how are we different than the viewer of the actual Hunger Games?

How’s your hunger being filled?


  1. I hate how people stretch anything and everything to make it biblical

  2. Excellent analysis-all of these elements are definitely there!

  3. peeta's name comes from the bread...pita.....bakers son....he becomes a baker himself...


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