Thursday, April 19, 2012

Free Falling


My son took his children to Cypress Springs the other day. Tied to a tree branch is a rope you can use to swing out over the water.

Yep, we’ve all watched America’s Funniest Home Videos and know what’s coming next. One of my grandsons swung out on the rope.

He didn’t loosen his grip.

My son and others shouted at him to let go as he swung back toward the shore and the large tree.

The tree loomed larger as he headed straight for it. He decided to let go. When he did, his foot became entangled in the rope. He hung upside down with his head below the water before my son rescued him. He came up, sputtering and angry.

Poor fellow!

My other grandson had a different experience. At the rope’s highest point, he let go, falling backwards with his arms outspread.

He hit the water so hard, he went completely under, despite his life jacket. He bobbed back to the surface laughing.

And, that is so much like life, isn’t it? We want to hold on tightly to things we think give us security. When large problems loom before us, then we decide to slowly let go. And what happens? Our foot becomes entangled in the rope, our heads dip under the water, and we emerge angry at God for doing this to us. We often turn our backs and walk away.

But what if we were to let go—right at the top? Then we free fall and joy rushes in to replace the fear.

That’s where joy comes from. Fully trusting God, fully trusting we will fall safely.

Fully trusting that no matter the dangers lurking beneath the surface, no matter how far we fall into the water, God will bring us back to the surface.


Let’s learn to fully trust God and discover the joy that awaits!MM900283889

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