Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How Does My Garden Grow?

Everything is growing in our raised garden—everything except the collards. The turnips came up in abundance, but the collard seeds are still hiding. We got a drenching rain the other day. If that doesn’t help the seeds to sprout, nothing will.
We gave away one of our inside cats. The cat came back. I’m ready to give them both away! They are hyper and badly need to be on Ritalin. Simon's Cat must be a littermate.
Their latest trick is to take their paws and splash all the water out of the dog’s bowl.
They're beautiful cats, females, and both spayed! Really they are beautiful cats! Anyone want a cat or two?


  1. Sheila, this makes me think of my own "garden", both physically and spiritually. If there is neglect, not enough attention, the weeds will soon overtake and choke out life....thanks for the reminder!


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