Monday, April 2, 2012

The Hunger Games, Book One

While everyone else is flocking to the movie, I just read The Hunger Games, Book One.

Suzanne Collins had to do research for this book. I wonder which episode of Survivor she was on??

The book was good, and I’ll give my thoughts on why it became a bestseller soon.

hunger games


  1. I liked the book. The use of present tense was strange at times, but I think added immediacy. As well, I tried to keep in mind that it was written primarily for a YA audience. Since I teach high school, I like to keep up with what kids are reading for pleasure.

  2. Tracy,
    Yes, I had to read several chapters before I got use to the present tense. I have a couple of blog posts planned to examine the book more closely. Thanks for dropping by!


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