Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Writing Epiphany

I’ll have a post over at Readers' Realm tomorrow. It’s about how writing involves hard work. And, writing that article brought me to a realization—an epiphany.

I am fifty-eight years old. No, that’s not the epiphany.

However, before I continue, let me give some background. Those of you who are regular readers probably already know this about me—I love to learn.

I said many times, if someone would pay me, I would attend college forever. No one would take me up on that deal.

So, although not a full-time college student for the past 40 years, I have still studied. A lot.

I’ve decided—and here comes the epiphany—that it’s time to graduate. UntitledNo, that doesn’t mean I will quit learning. I hope that as long as I’m breathing that I continue to learn.

But now it’s time to turn my focus from sitting at the feet of mentors to actually getting my work out there. I have learned the craft of writing. Now I need to put into practice the things I have learned.

Even though I have published two books, I feared I had not quite gone from apprentice to craftsman.

Am I perfect? No. But I do believe I’m proficient. Proficient enough to be confident in my work. Proficient enough to think people actually can learn and/or be entertained by the things I write.

Up until now, I have been needy. I needed encouragement, pats on the back, critiques, and prodding from family and friends. But, now, and this is part of the epiphany, I am ready to see writing as my job—a job I may not be perfect at, but a job I can do.


  1. People are wanting to read Thundersnow Part II, so time to get going on your new job!!

  2. I agree, Sheila and congratulate your epiphany and graduation! Looking forward to reading more from your new job!

  3. Going to work now! Thanks for the encouragement!


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