Monday, April 9, 2012

Sprucing Up My Office

For a while, I’ve been trying to make it back into my office. Way back in September 2010, I talked about my office. (Writing Life Wednesday) The funny thing is that I’ve never been able to get much writing done here.

And, then, my husband made a serious mistake when he let me borrow his laptop while I recovered from sinus surgery. 

I started out in bed and then migrated to the recliner in the living room. I set up shop there.

However, there was a problem. I didn’t have room enough for all my books and papers. Finally, I decided I would move back into the study. Only one problem. I hated it.

I’ve been feeling claustrophobic in here. This is the way it looked originally:

bookcaseThere was a large bookcase against the short wall between the closet and door. My l-shaped desk takes up a good portion of the room:



And, then, I had this large bulletin board—a good idea in theory—against the back wall. trace 002The idea was to use it to keep track of the plot of my WIP plus all the characters’ names, physical characteristics, etc. Did I tell you about the time I gave two characters identical names? Possibly confusing for the reader. LOL

I thought the board would really help me out. Sadly, I just didn’t want to use it.

So, I thought about why I liked working in my living room. The living room is open and the colors are light. I’ve set out to impart the same feeling to the study. I started by painting the bulletin board white. 016

And, I added some inspirational doodads to it. I also got rid of the large bookcase and replaced it with a smaller one that I also painted white.

030I moved the desk around. 021

And, I added some of my favorite pictures to the wall. Now, we’ll see if any of this helps. Oh, I also got the new desk chair with the back support.


One other thing was to add a new light on my desk to brighten the place up.

Now to just to shed some light on my thought processes. Off to work in my new workspace!

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