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Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to Kill 30 Million People

As Christians we are to emulate Christ. He offers total forgiveness to those who sin IF we repent of our sins.

We as his followers should also offer total forgiveness and treat others as if they never have sinned. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God.

I did things in the past that I am sorry for today. Here's just one example--a teacher I didn't like was disciplining a student in my high school sophomore English class. The young man slapped her. (To those who have rosy views of schools from 40 or 50 years ago, I hate to disillusion you. Schools had problems then also.)

I laughed along with the rest of the class. You see, I went along with the crowd. Of course, that's minor. I did many much worse things.

I never had an abortion, but I could have. When the court ruled in 1973 on Roe v. Wade, I was twenty. Before that time I remember friends who tried to abort babies themselves. Roe v Wade was heralded as a way to protect women--to stop them from getting botched abortions. And I understand that. I don't agree with abortion, but I understand why some would choose that route. When you are alone and scared and society disapproves of pregnancy outside of marriage (which seems to no longer be the case), I can understand why some would want the relatively easy way out.

Understanding, however, is not condoning.

To the millions of women who received abortions, how do we as Christians respond? We forgive. If you are one of the women who opted for an abortion, how do you respond? You forgive yourself.

And, then, we, as Christians, do more. We offer help and assistance to those who find themselves pregnant with no place to turn. We open our homes to the unwanted babies.

And, we let our voices be heard. As I've said before, very few people are actually pro-abortion.  
The vast majority of people are pro life.
Don't believe me? If you don't, answer this question--Do you wish your mother had aborted you? What? No? Then you are pro life.

Think what the over 30 million babies who have been aborted would say IF we could ask them this: Are you glad your mother chose to abort you? 
What do you think the answer would be?

So-called Christians have been wrong in the past by attacking women seeking abortions (and continue to be wrong today if they are still doing this). Instead, we should offer support, money, care, time, whatever we have to help them make it through a pregnancy they do not want. We are called to be ministers, servants, slaves to God.

What do you think he wants you to do for the mothers and their unwanted babies? What do you think he wants you to do to stop our pro-abortion president?

Over thirty million voices silenced forever. Do you choose silence?

Let's be the voice for those whose voices have been silenced forever.

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