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Friday, November 16, 2012

Never Doubt

I have never experienced a day like I did yesterday. Never, ever, ever, ever ...oops, too much Taylor Swift.

I've been listening a lot to Taylor, trying to stay in the mind of a teenage girl. Glad that's over with since book 2 is almost ready to release!

Back to my day, yesterday. My ideas popped like firecrackers. I jumped around the house, like a teenage girl.

Since I'm nearing the end of Clothed In Thunder, In the shadow of the Cedar, Book 2, I started thinking about a storyline for the third book. My mind was blank. Since Jay wants to be a veterinarian and World War II is beginning, I did have a vague idea about war dogs, yet no story line. It seemed a hopeless, daunting task to come up with a story.

But, then, I talked to my husband, and he had some suggestions. And things just began popping. Suddenly, my story was born. Within a few minutes.

It was a moment of "wow." And, some things, that I can't share at this time because it will give away the plot, dovetail so completely with the other two books that it humbles me.

Make fun but it was a God thing. Humbling, awesome. Beyond anything I could ever have planned on my own.

Ain't God good?

One thing I haven't completely decided on is the POV character. The first two books are from Sarah Jane's viewpoint. I'm thinking now of using Zeke as the protagonist.

The popping ideas were not just about book 3. I also had ideas for my Moonbow series and more ideas for Clothed In Thunder--that I know I need to kick out of the nest

I'm reminding myself to never doubt God from whom all flows. Today I'm seeking quiet contemplation and rest.

Popping can be quite exhausting!

**Update: I've decided that book 3 will be from Sarah Jane's POV and will begin immediately after book 2. Then, there will be a spin-off series, In the Shadow of the Pines. I'll use the ideas I had on this day for that series. So, this has turned into a bigger project than I ever imagined! 

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