Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Brain Broke My Body

Yep, my brain has broken my body. My brain has been in overdrive--not allowing my body to rest. Now, I have a sore throat and fever. But that's just minor. I finally slept last night after living on 3 or 4 hours of sleep for the past three or four weeks. No wonder I feel sick!

So, where did that revved up brain get me? In regards to Clothed In Thunder, I am finally through with revising the book. I do have a hard time letting go. I continue to tweak, tweak, tweak. But I think I'm finally through.

I hope!

I have received the first proof, and my copy editor is now going through it. I'll fix the typos and then order another proof. If, by some miracle, the second proof is fairly "clean," I'll order the books for my book signing.

I do not have a time frame on when that will be, since a lot of factors come into play. Still, I'm holding out hope that I'll have the books before Christmas.

I have been bouncing off the walls!  It's exciting to have this 2nd book almost in hand.

In addition, I've also had ideas for book 3. I had always planned for In the Shadow of the Cedar to be a three book series. Now, I have a bit of a problem. I have more ideas than can be contained in book 3.

I've decided to do a spin off of the series. Ideas are still rambling around in my head, so I'm not sure what direction I will go in. And, I know, it will be 2014 before I'm able to write that spin-off series. I'm pretty sure at this point that the spin-off series will end with a book I've entitled Dying Thunder. It will take place when the guys come home from war, and I pretty much know the story line for it, including the ending. Told you my mind was in overdrive!

This then is what I plan to do in 2013--
1. Publish Conception, Moonbow, Book One (rough draft is complete)
2. Write and publish In the Shadow of the Cedar, Book 3 (working title is Thunder in the Shadows)
3. Publish Rise, Write, Shine, a book for Christian writers
4. Write the rough draft for Misconception, Moonbow, Book Two (with plans to publish it in 2014)

Tentative plans for 2014--
1. Publish Misconception, Moonbow, Book Two
2. Write and publish the first book of the spin-off series that I have not named yet. The series name will be In the Shadow of the Pines.
3. Write the rough draft for Reconception, Moonbow, Book Three
4. Write the rough draft for the second book of In the Shadow of the Pines.

If my brain continues working and my body doesn't fail me, it should be doable. We shall see.

If all goes well, by this time next year I'll have two nonfiction books and four fiction books published. Lord willing!

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