Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One Step Closer

Writing of my writing may not be a good idea.

I'm afraid to say too much because I don't want people to have certain expectations when they read Clothed In Thunder. I also do not want to inadvertently "spoil" the book for others.

So, I want to tell my readers something, yet, I'm not sure how to say it. This is the best I can do:

Thundersnow was an emotionally difficult book to write. I was glad when I finished. This book, Clothed In Thunder, has been even more difficult. Much more difficult. Perhaps it's because I'm functioning on very little sleep.

However, I had an aha moment last night. One of my friends told me that I was probably processing some things that I had never processed before. And, then I knew why I was so emotional over this book.  But I can't tell you! All I can say is that some of the emotion felt by Sarah Jane came from the pain within me.

So, I'm now wondering how others will view the book? Since they did not travel my path, their assessment may be totally different than my own. We shall see!

Anyway, I am a day or so from ordering the proofs. After I get my "copy editor" to read the proof, and I make the changes, reupload, order another proof, go through the same stages again, then I will be ready to release Clothed In Thunder. How long will that take? I'm hoping only three weeks. If we're lucky, perhaps less!



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