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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sarah Jane's Favorite Song

I created a sound track to listen to while I'm working on Clothed In Thunder.

Jay, the main character, has issues with abandonment (as we saw in Thundersnow). The song I chose for her, and it's not one of my favorite songs, but it fits her situation, is "Glory of Love."  The guy of the song is the kind of guy she is looking for. The first stanza ends "I will never leave you alone." She longs for someone who will be with her through thick and thin. Unfortunately, it's not that easy for Jay. Or, fortunately, since we now have a story!

She wants a "hero," someone who will "fight" for her. Like most teen girls, she longs for "a knight in shining armor" who will "save the day." However, she wants more than that from her life. She has her own dreams to fulfill.

So, while longing for someone to rescue her, she also wants someone to support her in her dreams. Yeah, like most teen girls, she's not sure what she wants!

The other songs I play for her character are from Taylor Swift, the quintessential teenage girl. I won't inflict those on you. Although some are easier to take than others, I have to limit the number of times I listen to them. (Sorry, Taylor.)

So, here's what I imagine would be Jay's favorite song if she lived in the 80s.

Tomorrow I'll share the song I picked for Michael.

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