Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Small Stone, Day 30


This month I joined in with the Mindful Writing Challenge Jan 2013.

The rules were very simple: 1. Notice something properly every day during January.
2. Write it down.

These are also called "small stones" and these become "A River of Small Stones."

The month is drawing to a close. I have written the small stones but didn’t always get them posted each day. I decided not to post them while I was engaged in the blog hop. Some are okay, some are bad, and one or two I like. So, a few minutes a day for the month yielded a few lines of writing that I find acceptable, and I think that’s great! I always wrote the “stones” quickly—never spending more than ten minutes or so writing them. I plan to keep writing small stones until I have forty that I like. Then, I will put them together in a book and add some insight into each one.

Someone asked how I can do projects like this while I’m writing or editing a book. Since these are very short and nonfiction, I can spend just a few minutes working on them and don’t need my normal quiet routine to do so. It’s kind of a break from what I consider my real job—that of writing novels.

And, so, here is Small Stone, Day 30—The Computer

Computers come and computers go….

the way of viruses and worms…

wearing down outside and in…

Or, simply discarded for the newer, sleeker, lighter ones.

We seek, never finding the one problem free.

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