Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Small Stones, Day 22-29

Antlers, Small Stone, Day 22

The husky retrieved antlers
Larger than those boasted by hunters.
No, not discarded, for none would lose such a trophy.
At least not willingly.

Shells, Day 23

Memories flood the mind
of the beach trip where I learned
the value of family, even, or especially,
when things go awry. 
The bad fades of lurking danger
and only love and laughter remain.

Life, Day 24

A rooster struts and frets his life away
Yet is memorialized in statue.

Candle, Day 25

Reviled and praised in song,
Blowing in the wind,
Burning at both ends,
Flickering to right wrongs,
Out, out, brief life
While Satan grins
And all is rent asunder.

Help, Day 26

The walking stick hangs by the door
Extra strength for those without enough,
A reminder of the riddle--
Four legs in the morning
Two legs in the day
Three in the evening
To be answered soon.

Harden Not, Day 27

Outside the bones dry and harden
Inside they live, support, strengthen,
Provide life and a frame
for all.

Waiting, Day 28

The basket, filled with plates,
spoons, forks, and cups,
Waits for the decision to be taken down
Before days become too late
And no one is left to partake.

Dimming, Day 29

Turquoise flashes in the light
Eyes framed with thick lashes
Yet streaks of red mar the sight
Still seeing with compassion.

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