Review of The Beloved Daughter

The Beloved Daughter was not an easy book to read. It opens with North Korean officials arresting a father, mother, and, their twelve-year-old daughter, Chung-Cha, for their Christian faith. When a soldier slams the daughter’s head into an iron stove and the father is ordered to renounce his belief in God, I cringed and searched my heart, wondering how I would react in similar circumstances.

And it only gets worse from there. After she is tortured while held in solitary confinement, Chung-Cha is told her father denied Jesus and hanged himself. Released into Camp 22 where the prisoners are even forbidden to supplement their meager food rations by hunting insects or rats, Chung-Cha questions her belief in God and embarks on a journey of survival.

After several years of a wretched existence, life gets worse when Chung-Cha is returned to solitary confinement. Yet, what men see as bad, God turns to good. Chung-Cha is befriended by a Christian woman in an unlikely turn of events. After years of deprivation, betrayal by friends, torture by her enemies, can Chung-Cha’s faith be restored? And what will she do if it is?

This was a heart-breaking story that made my tears flow, not just in sympathy for the terrible trials the characters endured, but also for faith that triumphs in the most hellish of conditions.

The Beloved Daughter is a powerful book that is both riveting and heart wrenching— a story that will never again let me take for granted the blessings we have in America.

(I was the proofreader for the book and was paid for my services.)

This book touched my heart so much that I pledge to give 50% of the income from my own book sales during April and May to help Christians in North Korea. You can find my books here:

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Information from The Beloved Daughter:

beloved daughterThe Beloved Daughter was born out of Alana’s compassion for the persecuted church. Writing Chung-Cha’s story was a life-changing spiritual experience for Alana, which solidified her prayer burden for suffering believers in North Korea. Alana comes from a long line of missionary woman and is the fifth generation in her family to be involved in Christian ministry. You can connect with Alana at

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Believers in persecuted countries are starving for the Word of God. For every copy of The Beloved Daughter sold, one dollar is sent to Voice of the Martyrs for their Bibles Unbound program. When you purchase The Beloved Daughter, you are helping to send Scripture into restricted nations, just like Chung-Cha’s father did as a Bible donkey.

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