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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Relationships, Part One

Destroy the coldness

Many of us are clueless. Many are floundering. I am one of the floundering. As such, I need to explore ways to improve relationships.

God made us social creatures.

I had a harrowing experience last night. I could not get on Facebook. It made me realize that I depend on the people of Facebook to acknowledge me as a fellow human struggling in this life. Back in junior high, I took an aptitude test. It showed that my “aptitude” lay in helping people. Health concerns keep me from doing all that I want to do in the “real” world. And so I try to lend encouragement and friendship to those on Facebook, especially writer friends. I’m not sure how much I accomplish in this area. I probably irritate as much as soothe.

Here’s the thing: sometimes irritation must occur before the soothing. Many try to conceal weaknesses from others, because, yes, it is painful, irritating, to expose our weaknesses. Many think if they acknowledge problems and ask for help, they are not being good Christians. Surely good Christians have no problems, correct?

Jesus never taught we would never face difficulties—in fact, just the opposite. And, even when there’s relatively smooth sailing, problems crop up. Or anxiety rears its ugly head. Even in calm seas, we need support in keeping our ship afloat.

How many Christians feel fulfilled when they help others? I hope its 100%. Yet, why do those same Christians refuse to ask for help or refuse help when it is offered?

We must open our lives to others, become vulnerable, to establish fulfilling relationships. We let others see the parts of us that need fixing. And we accept the help when its offered. And there will be chafing and irritating.

We must work hard at not allowing small irritations destroy relationships.

And working hard means developing good communication skills.

More later.

Laugh for today

Two rules to the secret for success:

1. Never share all your secrets.

Thought for today via Facebook

On being modest: "We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves." ~Romans 15:1 It is true that we are each responsible for ourselves but we are also to help those who are weak. Men are very visual creatures, much more than women. We need to understand that about the male mind.

Quote for Today via Facebook

“I’m so sorry for you; your lives have been so easy. You can’t play great music unless your heart’s been broken.” ~Gaspar Cassado


  1. Sheila great thoughts and you are great at encouraging others. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, George. And I appreciate your encouragement, too!


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