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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Relationships, Part 2

Since it has been a while since Part 1, let me recap.

1. In relationships it’s only normal for irritations to occur. No relationship is 100% conflict free.

2. We should not try to conceal our problems. Instead, we should seek support from others.

3. Most people feel fulfilled when helping others. Why not let others help us so that they too might receive that fulfillment?

And I ended with a call for better communication. Americans are losing the art of communication. We all know the culprits—TV, cell phones, computers, etc. These are all vying for our attention. To truly communicate, we must find a place of quietness. I’ve been in restaurants with friends who are constantly looking past me to others in the restaurant. That’s just plain rude.

It happened last night. I was the rude one. My husband and I went out to eat and a TV was right behind him. I craned my neck to see what was on the news. Guess what? He got irritated with me and for good reason. Do I want a relationship with the TV or with my husband?

God made us to be social creatures. We find happiness when we connect with others. TV shows and Candy Crush can only entertain us for so long.

When first married, my husband and I had our first disagreement, and he fled the house. The baggage that I carried into my marriage was quite heavy during those days. One of the heaviest was my fear of abandonment. When he returned, I talked to him of my fears and why they developed. I told him that I would rather go toe to toe with him in an argument than for him to walk away. Since then, we’ve always discussed our problems and worked through to a solution. As mature Christians from the beginning, neither of us has ever resorted to name calling or thrown up past mistakes or tried to hurt the other with our words. And our marriage is healthier for it.

When problems are not dealt with, they become like a festering wound, spreading poison throughout the body. And this does not just apply to marriage but to all relationships. Sweeping problems under the rug does not solve the problem. Eventually all that dirt must be dealt with.

More later.

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One of the great needs among Christians today is simply the reading of large portions of Scripture. Much of our Bible reading is fragmentary and sporadic. ~Richard Foster "Celebration of Discipline"

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  1. Love the cat picture Sheila! And I'm probably more like your husband... Would rather run than fight it out. Sometimes drives my husband bonkers, :)

    1. As I've gotten older, I can now see the benefit of a cooling-off period. So that's not always bad. True intimacy, though, comes with thoroughly communicating. We can't do that if we always run away!

      And I think we all drive our spouses bonkers at some time or other. :)

  2. Sheila, you really pinpointed the problem with so many relationships, not nearly enough attention, and we are all guilty. Great post, and I love the quotes and pictures. C.S. Lewis was an amazing man. Thank you for sharing with us.


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