Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Book Covers for In the Shadow of the Cedar Series

I have a strong personality trait—I crave change. I also have a strong creative streak and get antsy wanting to create. The decision was made to change the covers of my two published books for young adults. And, so, I contacted Lynnette Bonner and we put our heads together. She did a beautiful job on the new covers. I’m enamored of them and have to stop what I’m doing and pull them up to just stare for a minute. Smile

Two are uploaded to Amazon and hopefully will go into effect soon. Thundersnow and also Clothed in Thunder are available on Amazon. (Click to buy)

1. ThunderSnow2. ClothedinThunder3. ThundersShadowThunder’s Shadow, the last of the series, will be published in July, 2014—Lord willing!


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