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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Don’t Suffer from Mental Illness; I Enjoy It

Yes, you may have seen those words before.

And, yes, I have first hand knowledge of mental illness—my own and that of family members. It’s tough to deal with. I have never been officially diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, but I’m confident I have it. Here are some of the symptoms of a manic episode:

I’m in a manic episode right now. Actually, it can be a good thing in that a lot of work gets accomplished. The bad part is what comes afterwards—a crash into depression. I’ve been battling this entire year to recover from a depressive episode that hit at the beginning of the year. And I have overcome the depression to be thrown into the manic stage. And I’m enjoying it. But I know it’s not a good thing. I remember what came after my last manic episode--severe exhaustion and health problems.

I think I just talked myself into a doctor’s visit.

Please remember me in your prayers! Thanks!

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