Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Progress

This year started out with a bang—a trip to the emergency room in January. And since then, for over nine months now, I have been battling health problems. Add to that the stress of dealing with my ninety-year-old mother’s worsening dementia, and…what can I say? I’ve fallen way behind on my goals for this year.

But things are improving! I am closing in on the last chapters of Moonbow. Based on some early beta reads, much of the book has been rewritten. And I have a publisher. Alt Wit Press will be publishing my book. I will have a new book cover and will reveal it soon—stay tuned.

Also, I plan to do the third booklet in the Rise, Write, Shine series. I was hoping it would be finished by September but that month has come and gone. But soon—I hope!

And, lastly, I hope to write Thunder’s Shadow during NaNo—if Moonbow doesn’t leave me completely exhausted and if my health cooperates and if…well, you get the idea. In other words, if it’s God’s will. I have a ton of ideas for this last book and look forward to getting started on it. It will be published next year…if I get the rough draft written during NaNo.


  1. Congratulations, Sheila! Looking forward to the release!

    1. Thanks, Marie. This book, Moonbow, has been in the works a while now. Ready to be done with it!


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