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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Food Stamped Challenge

The title is not a typo. That’s the correct name of the challenge, I think to convey that a person who accepts the challenge will be “stomped.” I think it’s doable--to eat on a budget of $1 to $1.25 per person per meal (the allocation for Food Stamps). Dave Ramsey always says eat beans and rice until you get on your feet! I decided to dive in yesterday, using the food I already have on hand. I don’t know the prices of all the foods but will find out later. I’m going to try to stay within the lower level—$1 per person.

Day 1:

Breakfast--two rice cakes ($.14 per serving) with peanut butter ($.21 per serving) = $.70

Carl had crackers and peanut butter, so his breakfast cost was less than $.70 (crackers are $2.50 for a box).

Lunch—salad with boiled egg ($.07) (I don’t know the price of lettuce, or tomatoes. I had Ranch dressing on my salad.)

Supper--chili with beans

The large pack of hamburger meat was $9, chili seasoning $2, dry beans (20 servings) $3, canned tomatoes we grew and canned: price unknown (let’s say $2), one onion = @ $17 for a big pot of chili, around 20 servings. That’s $.85 per serving. So, twenty servings of chili for less than $1 per serving! Carl ate crackers with his, and I had a handful of corn chips, $.20 at the most.

So, I believe we met the challenge for Day 1 for at least breakfast and supper!

Day 2:

Breakfast—Breakfast casserole

Hash browns (30 ounce bag for 12 servings)= $.50 per serving; Pan sausage (1 pound for 12 servings) = $.18 per serving; eggs = $.07 (5 eggs for 12 servings); milk = $.09 (1/4 cup for 12 servings); shredded cheddar cheese (8 ounces for 12 servings) = $.14

Total = $.98 per serving

Lunch—will be last night’s chili served over rice = $.90

Supper—will be rice, lima beans, baby link sausage, tomato gravy, and biscuits

Dry lima beans = $.11 per serving

Tomatoes = $.12 per serving (grown and canned ourselves. I’m estimating the cost. It’s probably less than this.)

Sausage = $.60 per serving

Rice = $.05 per serving (or less, if bought in bulk)

Biscuits = $.06 per biscuit

Total = $.94 per meal (That means I get to eat two biscuits to bring that to $1!)




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